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Living Heart 2 Heart: Free Healing Exercises

Below are free healing exercises you can do yourself:

The secret to living an amazing life is to love your whole self and by loving all of you,
the secrets, the strengths and the shadows, you love yourself whole. People ask,
"Isn't that hard to do? Do I need years of counseling? Can I really change how I see myself?" You can change your life! 

My gift to the listeners is a formula that worked for me, which was gifted to me by God. I call it the Mini-Me Exercise and the Draining Relationship Exercise. Both of these amazingly change the energy within you as well as the energy between you and other people that drain you. It incorporates Heart 2 Heart Healing and the healing power of unconditional love gifted to us by the Universe, God.

Create new realities in your life! Heart 2 Heart is a powerful change agent to identify the wounds and broken places within us, and heal them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let me know how they work for you!

I know these work. They worked for me in my life. They have worked in the lives of so many who have reached into the painful emotions, sorted through the "junk in the trunk," and tapped into the wisdom that is gifted from the pain. The feedback from individuals shows that there is freedom in moving through and healing the past, present and making way for a beautiful future.

Dr. Vicki L. High

I can't believe how amazing these exercises are! I can't believe it has taken me this long. I'm not sure why I waited one more minute to do this.

Mental Health Professional

It took me a while to have the courage to look at myself. Once I decided, I felt so liberated and took back my power - the parts I had buried deep within me.

Financial Counselor

I had no idea that something that happened in my childhood continued to impact my life today. These exercises surprised me with the simple, but amazingly powerful healing.

Healing Practitioner

The ability to communicate on a totally different level surprised me. I knew that the person who was toxic in my life drained me until I cut the cords and regained my freedom. 

Legal Professional



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