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Radio Appearances

Awaken Atlanta with Tim Hay, Shannon McVey and Michael Litten:

November 15, 2018


The Good Intentions Radio Interviews with Tim Hay:

November 13, 2018


7/3/09 Vicki High interview by Lonna Bartley, Humanity 101 - Join Lonna and Vicki as they discuss this amazing Heart 2 Heart Healing energy. This energy also provides a gateway for the ascended masters - Listen Now

1/27/09 Vicki High interview by Dede Mercer-Moffet, Snap Out of It Women! Hear about Heart 2 Heart Connections, Empowered Dreams, Empowered Hearts and the events at HOPE House in McKinney -       Listen Now

1/22/09 Vicki High interview by Tina Ferguson: Queen of Dreams, Ask Intuitions Guides and Guidance - Love Your Whole Self, Love Your Self Whole - We wander through this world not achieving our dreams, following other peoples' goals for our lives, feeling unsuccessful and being generally dissatisfied with our lot in life. How do we change the lives we are living? Is it even possible? Listen Now

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